Everything You Always Wanted to Know
About Glassware

Avoid Breakage -- Take Care of Your Glassware!

  1. Never pick-up glasses in bouquets, avoid glass-to-glass contact.
  2. Never put silverware in glasses. Bus glasses directly into divider racks, or sort items in bus tray.
  3. Never stack glasses.
  4. Never use a glass as an ice scoop - use a plastic scoop instead.
  5. Never overload a bus tray. Dump ice out of glasses, then sort items in bus tray.
  6. Never put cold glasses into a warm dishwasher -- avoid thermal shock..
  7. Neverplace recently washed glasses into service. Let glasses stand long enough to reach room temperature.
  8. Avoid contact between glass and beer tap.
Keep an Adequate Backup of Glassware On Hand for Rush Periods!

Glassware Guide For 100 People

Hotel &
Cafeterias Churches &
Hospitals &
Nursing Homes
Schools &
Water 12 doz 18 doz 12 doz 12 doz

Juice 6 doz 12 doz 6 doz 12 doz 12 doz 6 doz
Iced Tea 6 doz 6 doz 6 doz 12 doz

Milk 6 doz 12 doz 6 doz
12 doz 12 doz
Wine 6 doz
6 doz 6 doz

How to Select Fine Crystal

Fine crystal has its own special qualities that make it distinctive and long lasting. Here are a few specific features to look for when selecting quality glassware that will help ensure the optimum dining experience for your guests.

  1. A fine, perfectly smooth rim. The rim of the glass should "disappear" when you are drinking from it, leaving nothing between the wine and the mouth. Thick or "beaded" rims interfere with the flow of the wine from the glass to the tongue.

  2. Clear, tint-free, distortion-free transparency. The glass should be crystal-clear so that the color of the beverage is shown to its best advantage. The bowl of the glass should have high surface brilliance so it will sparkle on the table.

  3. A long and elegant stem. The stem of the glass should be tall enough to allow the glass to be handled without touching the bowl; this prevents the hand from warming the bowl and discourages unsightly finger marks.

  4. A stable foot. The foot of the glass should be large enough to support the bowl so the glass does not wobble or tip.

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